Witkali Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Ultrasonic Sensor


  • Complete ready project kit + tutorials + report + code.
  • Kit contains pre-assembled Chassis, motors, ultrasonic sensor, micro-controller board, motor driver, and batteries.
  • All the components are pre-assembled and connected. The Program will be pre-loaded inside the micro-controller.
  • Details about free tutorials, reports, and codes will be provided in the box or visit our official website.
  • The Kit will be tested before shipping. High-quality components are used.


Witkali Obstacle Avoidance Robot detects an obstacle in front of it and makes a new path. Here Ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the obstacle. The ultrasonic sensor emits and receives ultrasonic waves. The emitted wave will be reflected after hitting the obstacle. The time when waves are emitted and received will be used to calculate the distance between the robot and the obstacle. Which determines whether it should stop and make a new path.


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